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I'm into all sorts of music, and you'll find me vibing to different genres a lot of times but mostly indie, pop and rap, My playlist is linked down below. I enjoy playing a bit of basketball and watching the games. Harry Potter's a big deal for me, and I've got a soft spot for anime. When I just want to kick back and relax, gaming's my thing. It's all about keeping life fun and laid-back.

I've been a die-hard Arsenal fan for over a decade now, and that passion runs deep. In the NBA, I rock with the Knicks, and when it comes to the NFL, you'll catch me cheering for the Seahawks. These teams have become an integral part of my sports journey, and they add that extra layer of excitement to my fan experience. I also play basketball every week, either pick up or my local league.

I'm pretty active on Twitter, especially when it comes to sharing snippets of my work and design progress. If you want to stay updated with my latest projects, insights, and the occasional dose of my sports fan enthusiasm, give me a follow. I'd love to connect and share the journey with you!

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